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Aberdeenshire Health Walks

Aberdeenshire Health Walks

Aberdeenshire Health Walks

Aberdeenshire Health Walks

Aberdeenshire Health Walks
Aberdeenshire Health Walks

Health Walks in Aberdeenshire

A health walk is a short (from 10 minutes up to an hour) free, low – level walk led by trained volunteers in their community. Walks usually run weekly and are often followed by a cup of tea or coffee at a local café or community facility afterwards.

Health walks across Aberdeenshire are supported by a Health Walk Coordinator employed by Live Life Aberdeenshire with funding from national walking charity Paths for All.

Get in touch for more information about our health walks: healthwalks@aberdeenshire.gov.uk / 07826510438 or visit Paths for All Health Walks to find a walk near you.

Paths for All Health Walks

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Why walk?

Walking is the cheapest and easiest means of being physically active. It helps prevent disease, improves the management of long-term conditions, aids recovery from illness or injury and has a positive effect on mental health.

Joining a local walk group can increase social connections, helping to combat loneliness and reduce the risks associated with isolation. Walking is great for the environment too.

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We are grateful to all the volunteers that come along and offer their time and commitment to support health walks across Aberdeenshire. If you are looking for a volunteering experience that is rewarding, sociable and benefits both your health and the health of others, why not consider becoming a health walk leader.

The one day Paths for All walk leader training is free and organised locally or online. You will be fully supported by the health walk coordinator to join with an existing health walk group or to set up your own following training.


Top Tips for Everyday Walking

If you can’t get along to your local health walk, or prefer to walk alone, why not try these tips to get walking more every day:

  • Walk the children or grandchildren to school
  • Get off the bus a couple of stops early, or park a few spaces away, and walk the rest of your journey
  • Walk to the doctors, to the local shops, to the library, to visit friends, rather than drive

More information related to active travel can be found here: Get About Website

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