Care Homes and Sheltered Housing

Care Homes and Sheltered Housing

Care Homes and Sheltered Housing

Care Homes and Sheltered Housing

Care Homes and Sheltered Housing
Care Homes and Sheltered Housing

Working in Partnership with the Health and Social Care Partnership

Live Life Aberdeenshire are committed to working in partnership with the Health and Social Care Partnership.

We work together to ensure people living in care homes and very sheltered housing optimise their health and wellbeing and have the opportunities to stay fit and healthy.

Your Mind Matters

Everyone has mental health which can affect how we think and feel. Feeling well is not just about physical health, it is so important we feel good mentally too. Age UK have important advice and information available here: Age UK - Your mind matters

Being Active

Sometimes it can be hard to stay active so however you are feeling we can give you some help to keep you moving more so you can feel healthier and happier for longer.

These Super Six exercises can help you improve your balance which can help you keep steady and reduce the risk of falling. They can be done anywhere and you don't need any equipment, just something secure to hold onto like a chair.

Follow our 10 minute video and repeat this up to 3 times a week and be sure to follow the safety instructions at the start. You can also download the exercises here: Super Six Exercise and Balance (PDF)

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Playlist for Life

You may have heard of the Power of Love but did you know about the power of music?  Music can unlock memories for all of us and can have a very powerful effect on someone who has dementia. Playlist for Life encourage all of us to create a playlist of music that is meaningful and reminds us of our younger day regardless of our health or age. 

Do you hear an advert and are transported back to your childhood or a piece of music that reminds you of a special time in your life?  Research has shown that we have a memory hump from the age of 10 to 30 and the music we listened to at this age can have a profound effect on us.  These case studies have shown the power music can have: Playlist for Life real life stories

The BBC have created a finding tool to help you to play music detective and create a personal playlist: Playlist for Life BBC music memories. Our library member can also use Freegal to listen to a myriad of music all day for free: Access Freegal

The Scottish Chamber Orchestra has a project called ReConnect, "a music-making project for people with Dementia and their carers". More information is available on their website: ReConnect

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Library Service for Care Homes

Live Life Aberdeenshire are able to offer Care Homes a library service, delivered and returned via our click and collect libraries. We can lend up to 30 books and 10 talking books for a maximum of three months. If you are interested please email:

We also have memory suitcases available to lend for up to 4 weeks at a time. These are also available via our Click and Collect library service.

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