Knockburn Duathlon Route

Knockburn Duathlon description

View the detailed description of each section of the route and maps. You can also view the course maps for the Kids Duathlon. 

Transition area

The transition area is set up near the parking area, next to the Loch. Transition Area

Run section

The first run and the 2nd run follow the same route. 

You should do 2 laps of the red route shown on the run route map. 

This is a trail run round about the Loch facilities (suitable footwear should be worn). The course is adequately signed. 



Cycle section

Once you have completed the first run, you should do 1 lap of the red route shown on the cycle route map and follow the directions:

After picking up your bike from the transition area, you will proceed to the road where you will turn right heading up the hill. When you reach the next left turn (marshal 2) follow this road until you see the next marshal (marshal 3) where you will again turn left. Follow this next section until you reach the next marshal (marshal 4) where again you will turn left (this is quite a sharp turn so beware). You will the follow this road all the way to marshal 5 where you will turn left again back onto the road leading to the Loch. Once you have reached the Loch, turn right back into the Loch head for the transition area and rack your bike. Once you have done this proceed to your second run.

Kids Duathlon course maps  

View the course maps for the Kids Duathlon races:

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