Aboyne Duathlon Route

Aboyne Duathlon description

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Transition area

The transition area is situated in the Aboyne Primary school playground and car park, next to Aboyne Academy.

Run section

The first run and the 2nd run follow the same route. 

All competitors should do one lap of the red route shown on the 

run route map and follow the directions:

Start in the little lay by adjacent to the transition area, you will then turn left out of the lay by on to Bridge View Road keep on the left hand side. Once you have reached the end of Bridge View Road where it meets the A93, you will again turn left, stay on the pavement and continue along this road until you come to the junction with Rue-na Haven Road. Turn left and stay on the right hand side of this road and follow it until it joins Bridge View Road again. Turn right and follow on the pavement along this road until you come to the bridge where you will cross the road safely onto Charlestown Road (stay on the left hand side of this road). Follow the road until you reach the A93, then turn left and follow this road all the way back to the junction with BridgeView Road where you will turn right and cross the road safely back into the transition area. 

After the 2nd run, you will finish the race over the mats into the transition area. 

Cycle section

Once you have completed the first run, you should do 1 lap (little race) or 2 laps (large race) of the red route shown on the cycle route map and follow the directions:

On leaving the transition area you will turn left onto Bridgeview Road and on reaching the A93 you will again turn left. Once onto the A93 you will follow this all the way to Dinnet where you will turn left onto the B8158, stay on this road until you have crossed the Bridge where you will again turn left onto the South Deeside Road and head back towards Aboyne. On reaching the outskirts of Aboyne you will turn left, crossing the Bridge onto Bridgeview Road, follow this road down until you are directed back into the transition area where you will dismount and rack your bike before departing on to do the 2nd run. 

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