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Dr Bike part of the Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme

Dr Bike part of the Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme

Dr Bike part of the Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme

Dr Bike part of the Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme

Dr Bike part of the Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme
Dr Bike part of the Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme

Dr Bike 

If you need a helping hand to get your bike into shape, members of the public can now get a free safety check and minor repairs made to their bicycles in Inverurie or Alford with Live Life Aberdeenshire's Dr Bike service.  This service is being funded through the Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme.

The Dr Bike service, using an experienced, qualified Velotech technician, will check over machines and make simple repairs to ensure they are safe and in good working order.

The service includes fixing punctures, tuning gears and other adjustments like fitting new brake blocks - bring your bicycle along and make sure it's as safe as it can be.

Advice on bike type and sizing are available and a post-check report records the work carried out, making recommendations on any other work required.  

This Dr Bike service will be available at Live Life Aberdeenshire’s Leisurelend facility in Inverurie’s Harlaw Way on Tuesday 15th February and at Alford Ski Centre, Alford on Wednesday 16th February from 9.30 am.

There are 6 slots a day available, which have to be pre-booked online.

The latest Dr Bike sessions are made possible by funding from the Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme, funded by the Scottish Government and delivered through Cycling UK.

The coronavirus crisis has hit many people hard, so we know it can be difficult to pay for essential bike repairs right now. If you need a helping hand to get your bike into shape, this scheme provides free repair and maintenance work up to the value of £50.


You will require to register as a Live Life Aberdeenshire member before booking, this is free and will take a couple of minutes. Click on the "Register as Live Life Aberdeenshire Member"  Tab below, select the centre nearest to you or choose the  Live Life @ home option.You have the option of the free 'Pay as you go' or a contracted option. Once registered a confirmation email will be sent with your Membership number and instruction to setup your pin. Once you have your membership number and pin, then click on the “Book Time Slot” Tab below and you will be taken to the booking page or alternately click on 'Book Now'. Select "Leisurelend" as location, then select your preferred day and time from the following. Tuesday 15th or Wednesday 16th February.

Register as Live Life Aberdeenshire Member

If you’re already a Live Life Aberdeenshire member and have a membership number and pin, then click on the “Book Time Slot” Tab and you will be taken to the booking page. Select "Leisurelend" as Location then either select Tuesday 15th or Wednesday 16th February., then your preferred time slot.

If you are a member but don’t know your membership number or pin, then follow link FORGOTTEN ID OR PIN

Book Time Slot

You can also book through the Live Life Aberdeenshire APP, go to Outdoors where you will see Dr Bike.

Download the App

Once you have booked your slot you will receive a confirmation email, with procedures to follow for arriving and placing your bike in a neutral area. 


If you have a problem booking or require more information please contact or call 01467 625088.

Dr Bike: Frequently Asked Questions

As part of the scheme you will receive two surveys via email from Cycling UK (one at the time of the repair, a second survey 3 months later). This information is important so that we can understand the impact this scheme has on supporting cycling across Scotland

What is Dr Bike?

A qualified mechanic will carry out safety-checks and service key components.

Our mechanic will deal with common issues that prevent bikes running smoothly or safely. It is not a full mechanical service.

  • The mechanic will return your bike to a roadworthy condition, or (if there are serious issues) fix any manageable issues in the allotted time and refer you to a bike shop
  • They will issue a ‘Post-check report’ – with details of the items they have fixed, issues that may need attention in the near future, and/or issues that need urgent attention and must be taken to a bike shop

Where will it take place?

Live Life Aberdeenshire's Leisurelend facility in Inverurie. Leisurelend, Unit 19 Harlaw Industrial Estate, Harlaw Way, Inverurie AB51 4DF

Live Life Aberdeenshire's Alford Ski Centre, Greystone Rd,Alford AB33 8TY

How will it work?

  • Book your hour slot and read your confirmation email with the procedures and guidelines for dropping off and collecting you bike
  • Drop off your bike in a neutral area, where you can discuss with the mechanic any known issues
  • You can either wait in the gazebo for the bike to be fixed (up to 1 hour), collect at a dedicated time between 4pm and 5pm or alternatively we can text you a time to collect during the day

 What kind of bikes do we service?

  • We service push bikes of all kinds (from vintage to road bike) and electric bikes
  • We service rideable (but not necessarily road-worthy) bikes. If a bike requires major repairs, we will offer a soluction or refer you to a bike shop

 What kind of components do we deal with?

For each bike, the mechanic will prioritise what can be done in the limited time available. The most common jobs this might include are:

Typical jobs

  • Safety check (“M-check”)
  • Replace inner tubes
  • Adjust/replace inner brake cables and/or brake blocks
  • Adjust gear cable/ indexing
  • Adjust handlebars/saddle
  • Lubricate working parts
  • Inflate tyres
  • Explain repairs to the bike owner and give recommendations for further work

The following tasks are not within the scope of a Dr Bike session:

Not within scope of Dr Bike

  • Cleaning the bike (the mechanic has the right to refuse to service very dirty bikes)
  • True wheels
  • Replace spokes
  • Service disc brakes, suspension forks, tubeless tyres or other high-end parts
  • Fit spare parts the customer has bought off the internet

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