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Active Schools Code of Conduct

Active Schools Code of Conduct

Active Schools Code of Conduct

Active Schools Code of Conduct

Active Schools Code of Conduct
Active Schools Code of Conduct

Active Schools Aberdeenshire Code of Conduct

All participants at Active Schools Aberdeenshire sessions must abide by the following code of conduct at all times. The Code of Conduct has been developed to ensure that all participants have an enjoyable time and are treated safely and fairly. We ask that all parents/guardians support us in delivering a fun and safe environment by ensuring that your child is aware of the expected behaviours before attending one of our sessions.

At every Active Schools session expected behaviours include:-

  • Be able to take instruction and follow direction from the session coach
  • Not behave in a manner that negatively affects others enjoyment
  • Understand that they may not physically or verbally hurt others, and they will respect the feelings, safety and personal integrity of themselves and others
  • Respect any equipment or another participant’s property

By signing your child up to Active Schools Aberdeenshire sessions you are accepting our Code of Conduct. Failure of your child to follow our Code of Conduct and display any unacceptable behaviour will result in the following sanctions:

Minor Behavioural Issues
Stage 1 - Spoken to by the coach about their behaviour

Stage 2 - Time out – time out on the side to reflect on their behaviour before being spoken to by a coach about their behaviour and returning to the session

Serious/Repeated Minor Behavioural Issues
Stage 1 - Time out – time out from the session and spoken to by the coach/Active Schools Coordinator, who will issue a behaviour management form to the parents at the end of the session. In severe instances parents/guardians will be contacted immediately to collect their child. They will be welcomed back at the next session under the condition that there is an improvement in behaviour.

Stage 2 - If on return they continue to display poor behaviour which affects the enjoyment of sessions for other participants, they will be excluded from all future activities, and your Active Schools Coordinator will be in touch to explain the decision.

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