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Active Schools in Aberdeenshire



Many of you may see Active Schools as simply a service that allows children to run around and expend some energy. 

Whilst in simple terms, that is what the visual look of Active Schools is. Through our work we impact on people in many different ways linking to Aberdeenshire Council's Sport and Physical Activity Strategy.

They 4 key themes of the strategy are

  • We will help people live longer healthier lives with a focus on improving mental health and wellbeing
  • We will promote diversity and tackle inequalities
  • We will use Sport and Physical Activity to build stronger communities
  • We will support people to reach their potential by providing opportunities for wider achievement. 

Simply put, our activity sessions and opportunities can all be linked back to all of these key aims in some way, whether it's being healthier, happier, more included, improving confidence and many other benefits from getting involved and being active.

Similarly, our opportunities to get involved through volunteering help people achieve knowledge, experience, qualifications, improving health and wellbeing alongside building links with local clubs and communities where these links exist and ensuring a pathway can be put in place to allow children to continue their activity into adulthood and beyond. 

Therefore, the next time your at a session or see your child taking part think of the wider impact attending an Active Schools session can have on them and you. 

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