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Live Life Well Latest News

Live Life Well Latest News

Live Life Well Latest News

Live Life Well Latest News
Live Life Well Latest News

Health & Wellbeing Newsletter - Spring 2021

Say goodbye to the Winter blues and say hello to Spring joy!  It is medically proven that serotonin increases in our body when it’s sunny and with more of this happiness hormone in our blood, our mood improves.  The sun gives us a spring in our step and with restrictions now beginning to ease hopefully this will encourage us outside and we are delighted our health walks are able to restart. 

We understand that not everyone is excited about the restrictions easing and this may be overwhelming for some so we will be continuing to provide health and wellbeing support digitally throughout Spring with our Facebook Live sessions and our online classes for those living with long term health conditions.  We will also provide support for those not digitally connected with phone calls and resources.

Our SeaFit Programme will continue to support our fishing communities throughout Aberdeenshire.  We hope Catriona will be able to visit the harbourside soon.

We are pleased to share more details below on our programmes and encourage you to reach out to us if you are needing support at this time.

Image shows walk leader arm band.

Aberdeenshire Health Walk's updates

Health Walks were given the green light to re-start in groups of up to 15 people from March 12th 2021. Please check with your local health walk before joining as there may be changes to their walk arrangements. You can find all listed health walks and contact details on the Paths for All interactive health walk map. 

Health Walks | Paths for All

Claire Turnbull, our Health Walk Coordinator, has been using the down time to up-skill and is now trained to deliver Paths for All's virtual Walk Leader training course and the Dementia Friendly Walk Leader course too. This is great news for Aberdeenshire Health Walks.

We are always welcoming of any new volunteers wishing to support health walks in Aberdeenshire. The commitment can be anything from one hour once a month to two+ hours per week, depending on the role you wish to take on and the health walk project you wish to support.

If you are interested in volunteering, accessing walk leader training, or if you would like include Dementia Friendly to your list of walk leader skills, please get in touch using the contact information below.

Email: healthwalks@aberdeenshire.gov.uk or call 01467 534495 / 07826510438

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SeaFit Programme updates

Image reads ‘Helping Fishermen and their families #GetSeaFit’

Our healthy lifestyle advisor continues to offer health and wellbeing support to active and retired fishermen and their families through the SeaFit Programme.

Advice and referral to services helping you to make lifestyle changes to improve physical and mental health & wellbeing is available. This includes resources on being active, eating well, support for long-term health conditions and mental wellbeing, stopping smoking, and support for substance use.

During the recent lockdown Catriona has been unable to be out and about at harbourside to chat and introduce herself, however she can still be contacted using the options below. 

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Long-term health conditions programme

Our Health & Wellbeing Instructors and Exercise Referral Instructors are supporting many people living with long-term health conditions with free online exercise classes and printed exercise booklets to help them stay active at home.  They also provide additional support and resources to help people manage their condition and look after their physical and mental health.

We have been working together with the Health & Social Care Partnership over Winter to provide a programme of support for people affected by respiratory conditions. We have been able to improve their health outcomes and reduce severity of symptoms. 

Have a look at the web link below for access to Live Life Well Aberdeenshire’s Respiratory Service: 


Those living with cancer are also being supported online by our Level 4 Cancer Rehab Instructors and our Gentle Movement instructors.

Full details of all our programmes are available on our Health and Wellbeing in your Community page: Health and Wellbeing in your Community

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Free exercise sessions via Facebook live

Live Life Aberdeenshire exercise instructors have taken to Facebook to deliver free exercise sessions which offer something for all abilities.

Monday evenings from 6pm our instructor takes you through a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session.

Wednesdays from 12noon it’s Pilates.

Friday’s from 10:30am we have a gentle exercise session, suitable for all.

All session recordings remain on the Live Life Aberdeenshire Facebook page under videos and can be shared, viewed, or followed at any time after the live session has finished. 

More information about the upcoming live sessions can be found by clicking the link below: https://www.facebook.com/LiveLifeAberdeenshire/events/

Past session videos can be viewed on this webpage: https://www.facebook.com/LiveLifeAberdeenshire/videos/

Image shows people participating in various exercise sessions.
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From Seat to Feet

One of our Health and Wellbeing Instructors, Jo-Anne, has pre-recorded a series of 6 Gentle Exercise workouts which progress gradually to provide a clear pathway to building stamina, gaining strength, and improving balance.

To view the workouts, visit the playlist on our YouTube channel by clicking the link below:

From Seat to Feet Workouts /YouTube

To ensure you exercise safely please read our participation statement before following any of our pre-recorded classes: Participation in Facebook Live and Pre-recorded Classes - Live, Life Aberdeenshire

Awareness Days

During March we rasied awareness on our social media channels for National No Smoking Day (Wednesday 10th March) and World Sleep Day 2021 (Friday 19th March).

Lifestyle choices such as smoking, and poor sleep quality can negatively affect our health and wellbeing. By making the decision to quit smoking, or taking the steps to ensure you are getting enough regular good quality sleep, you can start to feel positive benefits on your quality of life.

There is support available through the following links:

Local stop smoking support - Local help | NHS inform

Sleep support and advice - Sleep Advice - The Sleep Council

If you are a Fisherman, our Healthy Lifestyle Advisor can also provide more tailored support. See Seafit programme updates information above.

Upcoming awareness days/weeks/ months:

Parkinson’s Awareness Day / Week (11th – 17th April)

National Walking Month (May 2021)

Mental Health Awareness Week & Aberdeenshire Wellbeing Festival (10th- 16th May)

Dementia Action Week (17th -23rd May)


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