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Reading Groups

Reading Groups

Reading Groups

Reading Groups

Reading Groups
Reading Groups

Reading Groups

A reading group is a great way for people who enjoy reading to get together in a relaxed setting, exchange views, try out new authors and types of fiction and non-fiction they might not otherwise have considered and generally share their love of reading with other like minded people.

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Reading group collection

We support many book groups across Aberdeenshire, so whether you are part of an independent group or one of the many groups who meet in our libraries we have a vast selection of titles for you to choose from. Email to reserve your set of books.

Full list of reading group titles

Sets of books for reading groups are now available to be collected from our click and collect libraries. Once you've been notified that your books are ready, book a time to collect them in line with social distancing procedures.

Choose a time to pick up your books

Starting a reading group – hints and tips

  • How to get started - to attract people try putting up a poster in your library, community centre, local hall or somewhere similar
  • Group size – this can vary from 6 up to 12 members but bear in mind that things can become unmanageable with larger groups and it becomes more difficult to supply enough copies
  • Where to meet – Encourage the group to meet in your library, but if that’s not possible then in members’ houses, cafés, pubs, community spaces
  • Frequency – Decide when and how often the group will meet eg every month, every 6-8 weeks, every 3 months?
  • Refreshments – It can be nice to have tea/coffee or even a glass of wine and it can help to keep the atmosphere informal and relaxed and can also be an icebreaker

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And finally –

Remember that reading groups are not academic style literary discussions

They are not about the right and wrong interpretation of a book.

Only you know how you feel about a book, no one else can be an expert about your reading experience.

It is possible to have a poor experience with a “great” book and vice versa and it’s ok to give up and say you didn’t enjoy it.

It’s all about reading for pleasure and enjoyment and not what you think you should be reading!

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