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Click and Collect FAQ

Click and Collect FAQ

Click and Collect FAQ

Click and Collect FAQ

Click and Collect FAQ
Click and Collect FAQ

Everything you need to know to about Click and Collect!

Devised by Live Life Aberdeenshire to get resources back into the hands of library users over the last couple of years, our Click and Collect service has proved extremely popular with customers. Although we now have open browsing time in our libraries, our Click and Collect book bundle service will continue.

Customers are able to book a specific time to:

  • Collect any school kits, home schooling resources and reading group collections
  • Order and collect one of our custom picked book bundles – simply tell us in the notes field how many books you would like and what types of books you enjoy reading

Booking a Click and Collect Book Bundle Slot

You can book a Click and Collect book bundle slot online or you can call our Live Life Aberdeenshire helpline on 01467 532929.

Will I be fined if my items are overdue

Fines will apply to items borrowed through our Click and Collect service: Library Charges

Will I be able to renew the items on loan?

You will be able to renew the items on loan as normal from the library app, online catalogue or by calling this number: 01467 532929.

Can I pick up my book bundle from any library in Aberdeenshire?

You can order and pick up a book bundle from any of our library locations, find your nearest library here: Live Life Aberdeenshire Libraries

Can I order books for my reading group?

Sets of books for reading groups are available for collection from any of our Click and Collect libraries. Order your reading group set in the usual way, then once they're ready, book a pickup slot to collect them.


Order and pickup pre-selected book bundles

How many books or library items are there in a book bundle?

You can request up to 10 books or library items in a book bundle. Just let us know in the notes field how many items you would like when you book your Click and Collect slot.

Can I choose which titles go into my book bundle?

When you select your preferred date and time for collecting your book bundle you will see an additional notes box at the bottom of the screen. Here you will be able to give us some extra information. For example, how many books would you like in your book bundle? What are your favourite genres or subjects? Do you prefer hard backed or paperback books? This will help guide our staff when picking books for you. If you prefer you can leave this section blank and think of this as a lucky dip!

Will I receive titles I’ve read before?

No. Library staff will check your account to see if you have read a title before placing it into your book bundle.

Can I request DVDs, talking books, playaways or CDs as part of my book bundle?

DVDs and audio books can all be ordered as part of this service. These include Playaways, MP3s CDs, standard CDs and cassettes. Just let us know in the notes field which items you would like when you book your Click and Collect slot.

Can I order any book on the catalogue as before?

You can still order books from any of the locations shown on the catalogue. We’ll be in touch when your book arrives at your chosen location and you can pick it up during library open times. You can find all our library opening hours here: Live Life Aberdeenshire Libraries

How do collect waste and recycling bags, hearing aid batteries or Bookbug packs?

You no longer have to book a slot to collect these items from our libraries. Simply visit any of our branches during open browsing hours and pick up what you need. If you have a Click and Collect slot booked you can request these items when you arrive at the library.


Picking up your books

Will my books be ready for collection at my booked click and collect time?

We will do our very best to ensure your book bundle is ready and waiting for you at your chosen Click and Collect time. However, there may be a short wait for any book bundle bookings made last minute.

Can I cancel my pickup slot?

Yes, you can cancel your booking slot at any time by logging into your library account. On your dashboard you will see a booking folder. Click on the folder and your bookings will show, then click on the three dots at the right hand side of the booking you wish to cancel and the ‘cancel’ option will appear. Alternatively, you can call 01467 532929 and ask a member of staff to cancel the booking slot on your behalf.

If I cannot get out of the house can I ask for my books to be delivered?

You can request that your books be delivered if you live within the area of one of our Click and Collect locations. Find out more about our delivery service: Delivery Service


Find out about other services available by visiting our Click and Collect homepage

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