Gold Roman coin.

Timeless Treasures

This exhibition reveals archaeology discovered in Aberdeenshire and across the ancient world including Greece, Rome and Egypt. The objects on display, some of which are being shown for the first time, are from the collections of Aberdeenshire Council Museums Service. Many have been donated by local people such as Adam Arbuthnot, the 19th-century Peterhead merchant after whom this museum is named. The exhibits on display connect us to people who lived hundreds and thousands of years ago. They worked stone, bone, glass, ceramic and metal to create items for everyday use such as food vessels, fishing net spreaders, clothes fasteners, oil lamps, keys and tools; swords for warfare; coins for commercial exchange; and luxurious items like musical instruments and jewellery. Ultimately, this exhibition is a celebration of Aberdeenshire’s rich archaeological heritage.


Hear more about the background to some of the objects from the exhibition in the first episode of the Museums Podcast.




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