Soundmap: People & Place

Soundmap: People & Place


Explore Banff, Ladysbridge, New Byth, Sandhaven and Rosehearty in a new way. Whether you know these places well, or have always wanted to visit, you can explore them using an online map where the landmarks are sounds.

Sound maps

Inspired by the places and the people that live there, the maps capture a moment in time and can offer different experiences from relaxing nature sounds to town centre bustle. Here, Pete shows you how to get the most from the online maps:

Listen to the sea, woodpeckers in the woods or pink footed geese passing over-head. Or maybe enjoy some of the sounds that are now more rare during lockdown – a noisy playground, busy Banff High Street or the fish tank inside Rosehearty School.

Google Earth

All the sound maps are created using Google Earth - a free to use resource mapping the whole world in amazing detail. All the images of streets and houses, coastline and fields is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. If you haven't used Google Earth before, here are some instructions to get you started.

You need to have Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as your browser. If you don’t have one of these already, you can search for it using any web browser (e.g. Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox) and download it. This video tutorial will talk you through how to download Chrome:

Then you need to enter the web address for the sound map you want to access into the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge address bar e.g:

The links for all the maps are above. You can click on them or copy and paste into Chrome.

Using a computer, smart phone or tablet you can listen to any of the locations. Click on the icons on the map then hit the "Play" button to hear the sounds, or work through them all by clicking on "Presentation" and using the > arrows to guide you. 

If you need help with this, use this video tutorial to talk you through. Skip straight to 3:20 if you only want to know about using Google Earth on a smart phone or tablet:

Get Involved

We’re looking for text writers and voiceover artists.

Walking tours are currently in development and you can help - no experience is necessary and full support will be provided. The tours are designed to be experienced using a smart phone or other internet enabled mobile device. 

How to be a writer

Listen to about five sounds and write down a few words about what you hear. The sounds will be sent to you. You’ll be supported and guided through the process, and your words will be what users hear during a walking tour.

How to be a voiceover artist 

You’ll learn exactly what to do and how to record voice overs at home. With support from Sound Artist Pete, you will read and record the text for the sound walks. This can be done with a smartphone or any other recording equipment you have access to. It will be your voice that guides people around the area. 

To take part as a writer or voiceover artist, or both, email Cultural Development Officer, Alison Brodie to register your interest:

All of this activity can be done safely from home and participants are asked to follow all UK and Scottish Government advice on social distancing at all times. 

Behind the Scenes

The project is an artist-led, inter-generational community project. 

What does that mean? 

It means it was commissioned by the Live Life Aberdeenshire's Arts and Heritage team. It means the people who live, work and walk the dog in Banff, Ladysbridge, New Byth, Sandhaven and Rosehearty are the most important partners on the project, and it means two professional artists - Pete Stollery (Sound) and Bryan Angus (Visual) - did the hard work.

Coming soon

  • Sound walks
  • Sound composition
  • How did they do that


V for Victory Geese

          Pinkness, “wink wink-ness”
Winter shape-makers over the New Byth skies



Swirl of the sunrise and silhouetted winter trees.

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