Remembering Together: A Covid memorial for Aberdeenshire

Remembering Together: A Covid memorial for Aberdeenshire

Remembering Together: A Covid memorial for Aberdeenshire

Remembering Together: A Covid memorial for Aberdeenshire

Remembering Together: A Covid memorial for Aberdeenshire
Remembering Together: A Covid memorial for Aberdeenshire


The Scotland-wide initiative, Remembering Together, has artists across the country co-creating with their communities fitting tributes to remember the impact Covid has had on us all.

Live Life Aberdeenshire's Cultural services commissioned 3 artists to create something unique for the region.

Following intensive community research, lead artist, Claudia Zeiske, sustainable furniture-maker Chris Nangle and native musician Paul Anderson, are creating artworks to support hope and healing.

Claudia Zeiske led the initial phase of this arts project, having walked a 250 km journey in the Summer of 2022 from the summit of Ben Macdui to the ports of Peterhead and Fraserburgh. Hundreds of individuals and groups walked and talked with the artist, discussing their experiences of Covid and sharing their thoughts on what a remembering piece could look like for Aberdeenshire.

Furniture-maker, Chris Nangle, creates ecologically responsible furniture. He has been working with Zeiske and the communities of Aberdeenshire to source locations for several unique structures that will be bedded into the landscape; places for people to visit, reflect and contemplate. Bespoke benches are currently being designed and once completed will be scattered across a slice of Aberdeenshire, a new route from mountain to sea.

Aberdeenshire’s world-renowned fiddler, Dr Paul Anderson, has been capturing the stories and emotions that have been shared, and is currently creating new compositions authentic to the people and places he has been visiting. An album of tunes shall be made and shared. The album will also be able to be accessed from QR codes to be found on each of the benches.

As we move towards longer days and warmer weather, we look forward to celebrating the launch of this unique arts offer with everyone. UPDATE COMING SOON.

Our approach is stirring interest far and wide... Friends of Patrick Geddes, France, have highlighted aspects of our project approach in their recent Winter newsletter:Association Patrick Geddes, France

The 'Remembering Together' initiative is commissioning artists in all 32 local authority areas in Scotland, in a collective statement of society working together to create a Covid memorial for each region. It is funded by the Scottish Government.

The intention is to honour the people we have lost and find the ways we want to remember them with a focus on hope and healing.

A short film was made in phase one, giving an insight into the approach taken by Claudia Zeiske.

The film can be watched here: Remembering Together: Aberdeenshire short film

If you would like further information then please email

Stones on top of pink cloth
Path leading to mountains and loch
Camping tent with loch and mountain in the background

The first phase saw creative producer Claudia Zeiske walk from mountain to sea, over the Summer of 2022, where she met, walked and talked with over 200 individuals and groups to discuss what Covid had meant to them all and hear about the impact this pandemic had in our communities.

Taking inspiration from Aberdeenshire-born community planner Patrick Geddes, Claudia walked from the top of Scotland’s second-highest mountain, Ben Macdui, to the port of Peterhead, passing Geddes' birthplace of Ballater, and connecting with many communities along the way.

path leading to Bothy with mountain in the background
Cake and vase on top of pink cloth
Food being served on top of pink cloth

The walk started early July and this 200km journey from mountain to sea was completed on 22nd August. Invited co-walkers along the way discussed their community and the impact Covid has had, with the artist. At the end of each stretch, individuals and community groups came together over a cake or a meal to share their experiences of both pandemic and place with the artist. Along the way, the artist carried with her a specially printed tablecloth to initiate conversation over a fly cup and invited everyone along the way to sign it. With over 200 signatures so far, these, along with drawings people also contributed, are being embroidered onto the cloth, which we aim to exhibit once completed.

Pink cloth with I wanted to tell you embroidered
Tea and biscuits being served on top of pink cloth
View of Marr with mountains and blue sky with some clouds

The most challenging part of the walk has been from the summit of Ben Macdui down to Braemar. Faced with some of the wildest weather, it was the company and stories of the many people Claudia met along the way that was warming, feeling humbled by the often very personal tales people shared along the way. Claudia has supped tea with mountain climbers to knitting groups, from Team GB skiers to chemists, publicans, food banks and care homes to name but a few, and in a variety of places from paths and bridges to cosy cafes and a train station.

Path surrounded with wild flowers
path leading to stone bridge surrounded by trees
walker resting and drinking from flask with pink cloth on the ground
Trees, loch and mountain
coffee and scone served on top of pink cloth
Patrick Geddes plaque on top of pink cloth
Ballater Train Station sign
Patrick Geddes Memorial plaque on the wall - Think Global, Act Local, By leaves we live
Walker admiring the mountain and sky
View of Marr
path leading to Cairn
Walker admiring Linn O'Dee river
Avenue of trees
walker admiring mountain view
road with farm on the left side and green pasture on the right side
pink cloth with embroidering
artist selfie on round street mirror
Kinnaird Lighthouse
hands writing on pink cloth
walker on footpath with old train bridge ahead
artist looking at Peterhead harbor and fishing vessel


More information on Scotland's Remembering Together programme can be found at

Remembering Together

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